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Yang Zhen to Decode Loong at CGBC’s International Cooperation Forum


Mr. Yang Zhen, CEO of Shanghai Dacheng Network Technology Co. Ltd, and President of Kongzhong Corporation, has recently confirmed that he will attend China Game Business Conference (CGBC) which is scheduled to be held between 28th, July, to 1st, August of 2010 at Shanghai International Convention Center, and will share his experience with the audiences on the following topics such as internationalized team building, pipeline expansion of game agency, the localization of games as well as its link with national elements. 
As a business gala of the largest scale and the highest level of China’s or even the world’s game industry and related industries, CGBC is honored as one of the B2B business events that create the biggest value in the industry. In order to promote export and enhance multilateral cooperation of China’s game industry, the organizing committee of CGBC specially sets up a forum named “CGBC International Cooperation Forum (ICF)”. Well-known game companies with overseas operational experience and agents from across the globe are invited to the forum for talks and discussions, in a joint effort to achieve a professionalized and internationalized market for China’s game industry.
With an accumulated expertise in senior management and operation field for game enterprises of over 16 years, Yang Zhen used to be the vice-president of China branch of Ubisoft Entertainment from France, vice-president of NetEase and manager of its online game division, vice-president of Sina andexecutive deputy general manager of NC-SINA, in chronological order.
Yang Zhen has dominated the introduction, localization and publication of a variety of popular single player computer games such as Heroes of Might & Magic, Might & Magic, Resident Evil and Tianzhihen?he has also dominated the marketing, management and operation of many top-notch cyber games such as Legend, The Legendary Swordsman Online, Prison Tale, A Chinese Odyssey 2, Lineage and Mo Siang, which has gained him rich experience in marketing and foreign trading in the industry.   
Dacheng Network, which was initiated by Yang Zhen 6 years ago, has long been upholding the strategic principle of self-dependent R&D with a global perspective and has achieved great success by having developed one of China’s leading 3D cyber-game engines its full set developing technology. The independently developed 3D MMOs respectively named World of Kong Fu and Loong, which have been exported to over 40 countries and regions, are tasty fruits of such technology. In December of 2009, Dacheng Network was purchased by KongZhong Group (Nasdaq:KONG) as a wholly-owned subsidiary at the record-high price of $80 million for its excellent performance and great sustainable development capabilities.  
How can China’s game industry enter the era of global operation under such market circumstances? What kind of lessons regarding overseas operating should they draw and what kind of valuable experience can they sum up? What makes foreign enterprises’ success in China’s gaming industry? All of these questions will have a good answer at the forum. The organizing committee of CGBC will bring together well-known game companies with overseas operational experience and agents from across the globe to CGBC’s ICF to share their views. They will have discussions and talks from both the angles of input and output of the industry, from the strategic height of international cooperation. All the above activities aim at a professionalized and internationalized market for China’s game industry.
About CGBC:
China Game Business Conference (CGBC) is organized by the Organizing Committee of ChinaJoy, which is one of the serial events of the biggest game show in the world. CGBC is the biggest size and highest standard business event in Chinese game industry, held in every July, in Shanghai International Convention Center. With 7 years steady growth of CGBC, the forums have been various and flourish, the brand and communication atmosphere have been constructive and positive. CGBC has been a platform for communication, mutual study, experience exchange, corporation enhancing in Chinese game industry. The upcoming CGBC 2010, will continually enlarge its coverage and size, topics and delegate pool, including: the Summit Forum, the SNS & Social Game Forum, the Investment & Financing Forum, the Media Marketing Forum, the International Cooperation Forum, the Webgame Forum, the In-game Advertising Forum, the Mobile Internet Entertainment Forum, the Serious Game Forum.
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