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Bill Gates’ Pupil Zhang Yaqin to Attend the Summit Forum

Zhang Yaqin, Global Senior Vice President of Microsoft, Chairman of Microsoft Asia Pacific Group, one of Bill Gates’ most favorite Chinese pupils, recently confirmed that he will attend the China Digital Entertainment Summit Forum.

Zhang Yaqin is responsible for the overall organization of Microsoft’s research and product development in China and the Asia Pacific region, while as one of Microsoft’s Greater China Strategy Committee members, he and other members play a leading role in developing Microsoft’s unified strategies in Greater China, accelerating Microsoft’s business growth in the region, marketing strategies and local innovations. Tang Jun, former President of Microsoft China once referred to Zhang Yaqin as the “soft power” of Microsoft.

Dr. Zhang Yaqin is world-class scientist in the field of communication and software. He joined Microsoft Research in 1999 as Chief Scientist, and he kept the position of Director from 2000 to 2004. In 2004, he was promoted to the position of Senior Vice President of Microsoft in 2004, and he returned to the Microsoft headquarters to oversee Microsoft’s global mobile and embedded product Windows Mobile and the Windows CE Platform. He is one of the core leaders who led Microsoft into markets other than PC.

Microsoft Asia-Pacific R&D Group consists of Microsoft Research Asia, Microsoft Advanced Technology Center, STCA, Microsoft Asia Commercial Software Business, Microsoft Asia Center for Hardware, Microsoft Server and Tools Business (China), China Online Technology Center and Strategic Partnership Group, which form a complete innovation chain, from basic research, technology incubation and product development to strategic partnerships. The Microsoft Asia-Pacific R&D Group has a team consisting of over 3,000 extraordinary scientists and engineers in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Taipei, Seoul, Sydney and Bangkok, which is Microsoft’s largest and most functional R&D base outside the United States.

The Shanghai International Conference Center gained great attention from domestic and international business and technical professionals after hosting CGBC and CGDC in 2009, making it a "Business Center" of the global game industry.

The eye-catching global event of World Expo 2010 is being held in Shanghai, which attracts the presence of guests from all around the world. The General Assembly of China Game Business Conference (CGBC), China Game Developers Conference (CGDC) and the China Game Outsourcing Conference (CGOC) will be launched from July, 28th to Aug, 1st at the Shanghai International Convention Center, it is certain that these events will bring about worldwide participation within the gaming industry, therefore to promote and enhance the function of the platform as the “communication center” for the technology &business activities between China and the other countries.

About CGBC:

China Game Business Conference (CGBC) is organized by the Organizing Committee of ChinaJoy, which is one of the serial events of the biggest game show in the world. CGBC is the biggest size and highest standard business event in Chinese game industry, held in every July, in Shanghai International Convention Center. With 7 years steady growth of CGBC, the forums have been various and flourish, the brand and communication atmosphere have been constructive and positive. CGBC has been a platform for communication, mutual study, experience exchange, corporation enhancing in Chinese game industry. The upcoming CGBC 2010, will continually enlarge its coverage and size, topics and delegate pool, including: the Summit Forum, the SNS & Social Game Forum, the Investment & Financing Forum, the Media Marketing Forum, the Overseas Development & Cooperation Forum, the Webgame Forum, the Mobile Internet Entertainment Forum, the Serious Game Forum.

For more information, please visit:

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