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CGDA 2010 to Set Off an Ultimate Competition among Game Producers

The second CGDA has entered the countdown stage of application. The game companies will present their materials and works to the Organizing Committee by September 15. This year’s CGDA is going to reveal its results. Let’s anticipate the winners of the 14 trophies representing the strongest game development capabilities in China.

Best Game Development Team Award, Best Game Client Performance Award, Best Game Concept Art Design Award, Best Game 2D (figure/scene) Art Design Award, Best Game 3D (figure/scene) Art Design Award, Best Game Animation Design Award, Best Game Music Award, Best Game Balance Design Award, Best Game Technical Innovation Award, Most Creative Flash Game Award, Most Creative Mobile Game Award

Presenting Professional Award

Best 2D (figure/scene) Design Award, Best 3D (figure/scene) Design Award, Best Creative Game Award.

Presenting Non-professional Award

To date, game production teams from China’s first-class game companies and studios including Shanda, Giant, SunHome, Kingsoft, Tencent, Beijing Kylin Games, NetEase, The9, Yushuo, LineKong, UserJoy, XiaoXu Game Music, MSC Game and Beijing Joychina Network Technology have been busy preparing materials for the professional review. Besides, the following companies are eying the mobile game award:, NetDragon, Jiujiu Leyou, MoreFun Digital, Magic Universe, Ocean Blue Mobile, Techfaith, Shanghai Leduo, Fuzhou Zhongkexun, Fujian Alading, Shanghai Labox, Shensui Dongli, Dingxun Interfactive, Sina Flying, Moca World, Beijing Zhongjie Yinan, Icespar, Yinhan Technology, Guangzhou Rodo Digital, Beijing Aidi Communication, Beijing DigiFUN, Chengdu Fhand, Shanghai Zhangshu Technology, Dkmol, Beijing Leduo, Qinhuangdao DigiFUN and Beijing Chuangyi Hexian.

On November 19, China National Convention Center beside the Bird’s Nest will again welcome the representatives of China’s best game development teams. 14 companies and individuals will hold CGDA trophies representing the highest game production level in china. The results will be announced to the press and companies at the award ceremony on November 19. Let’s anticipate the arrival of the “kings”.

Application for CGDA:
Download for professional competition:
Download for non-professional competition:

About CGDA
China’s game industry is constantly changing, with talents becoming one of the most striking elements. Following the successful completion of the 3rd CGDC, the 2nd China Game Developers Award (CGDA) co-organized by the ChinaJoy Organizing Committee and the China International Copyright Expo Organizing Committee will be committed to presenting premier game producers and works and awarding game producers who with creativity and outstanding performance to enhance the competitiveness and improve the overall quality of the industry. The event is expected to encourage the development and creation activities of Chinese game producers, and to solve problems hindering the industry’s sustainable development, including lack of senior talents and core technologies. CGDA is highly valued by the authorities and enterprises of the industry. The award ceremony will see the presence of leaders from industry authorities and a jury consisting of industry experts and technical executives of top game companies at home and abroad, indicating that the state is paying high attention to and providing supports for the talent fostering of the game industry.

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