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CGDA is Looking for China’s Best Game Producers

While the heated ChinaJoy fades out with the departure of summer, China Game Developers Award (CGDA) is stepping onto the stage. Which team will be China’s best gamer producer of the year? Will the vacant title of the Best Creative Award in 2009 see its owner this year? Winners of the 14 awards representing the highest level of game development capability in China are going to be announced. Will Kingsoft, the biggest winner of CGDA 2009 remain competitive? The answers to all the questions will be revealed at the CGDA award ceremony on November 19.

In 2009, the first CGDA was co-organized by the ChinaJoy Organizing Committee and China International Copyright Expo Organizing Committee. It was China’s first competition committed to reserving, selecting and awarding China’s premier game producers and teams. The competition was supported by the General Administration of Press and Publication, the Ministry of Education, the National Copyright Administration, the Beijing Municipal Government and the CCPIT. In less than 50 days, the competition received over 100 pieces of professional works from companies and over 2000 pieces of works from various training schools, colleges and individual candidates. At last, the panel of over 30 professional judges decided individual and team winners for 13 out of the total of 14 awards.

Presenting Professional Award

Zhu Qi, President of Perfect World, said after the company’s Celestial Destroyer team won an award, “CGDA brought a large number of premier Chinese online game developing teams together, and provided valuable exchange opportunities for all the participants including Perfect World. The improvement of production will be a great drive for the development of the entire game industry as well as enhance the companies’ capabilities. Perfect World has realized quite early that only with enhanced capabilities can the companies present a popular online game.”

Apart from professionals, many promising non-professional candidates attracted attention from the game companies through last year’s CGDA, and a proportion of the training school and college winners have been employed by premier game companies.

CGDA 2010 has been unveiled, opening the game for the top honor of Chinese game producers. Are you ready?

For more information on the competition rules, please visit the CGDA website:

About CGDA
China’s game industry is constantly changing, with talents becoming one of the most striking elements. Following the successful completion of the 3rd CGDC, the 2nd China Game Developers Award (CGDA) co-organized by the ChinaJoy Organizing Committee and the China International Copyright Expo Organizing Committee will be committed to presenting premier game producers and works and awarding game producers who with creativity and outstanding performance to enhance the competitiveness and improve the overall quality of the industry. The event is expected to encourage the development and creation activities of Chinese game producers, and to solve problems hindering the industry’s sustainable development, including lack of senior talents and core technologies. CGDA is highly valued by the authorities and enterprises of the industry. The award ceremony will see the presence of leaders from industry authorities and a jury consisting of industry experts and technical executives of top game companies at home and abroad, indicating that the state is paying high attention to and providing supports for the talent fostering of the game industry.

The CGDA Trophies

About the CGDA Trophy
Azure stone is regarded as the best of China’s five valuable materials. Each product made of azure stone is unique, symbolizing each game producer’s innovative spirit.

The completion of an azure stone product requires 47 intricate manual procedures from concept development, design, sculpture, firing, modification to polishing, symbolizing the infinite bravery, labor and wisdom that the game producers have planted into an excellent game.

The human image formed by the four-letter word “GAME” is full of inspiration and wisdom, while the lively profile and bright colors is a representation of the energy of the game industry. The anti-fading and anti-oxidation feature symbolizes the ever-lasting vitality of the game producers and China’s game industry.

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