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ChinaJoy is Attracting More and More Attention from the World

The 4-days ChinaJoy 2010 has come to an end. This year’s ChinaJoy has attracted 169108 visitors in total. After the event, many visitors aired their opinion on their blogs, which include Steve Bell, partner of Trilogy VC. Now let’s see what he said.

(The content below was extracted from Trilogy VC Blog, please see the full text at:

“So I visited ChinaJoy – the big annual online game conference in Shanghai – last week 29 July till 1 August.

I had a few take aways from my experience at ChinaJoy this year…

  1. Online Game business in China will continue to grow faster than overall fast growing economy – witness the huge enthusiastic under 25 yr crowd. Please see my pictures below – wow wow wow
  2. New technologies for graphics will make browser based games jump to client SW level graphics. Client based games less important. I saw a demo of full 3D HD video level graphics using HTML5 on a browser – no plug in – wow.
  3. Blue Ocean Opportunity – MOBILE – Android based games for China... LBS Games like “My Town” from Booyah are big in USA already – China will be much much bigger. I think online LBS games like 16fun are exciting to watch. I think new business models for these mobile LBS games will be very important – for example – providing coupons based on location and other user data. Groupon + Game + Mobile LBS
  4. New hardware capabilities for motion and location will create whole new game concepts merging virtual and physical world. At ChinaJoy – I saw a number of companies showing off their new input / HCI devices… Mouse and Keyboard will be replaced soon for gaming applications and then……
  5. Innovation in gaming in China will create business success for China game companies in USA and other global markets. The market is huge, the VC’s and investors are active, and the innovation happening in China game business will be global.
  6. Fierce competition among game studios in China will accelerate and these game studio companies are very hard to scale and get big – they are as successful as their last hit with competition growing and product lifecycle getting shorter…

Here is a bit of my story from my day at ChinaJoy. When I arrived on Friday AM 30 July – Huge line to get tickets…

Only to find a new line – the get in the door line – I found no way around it – it was only about 37 degC – If anyone doubts the HUGE size of and future growth of the China online game business – look at this line – all people under 25 years it seemed (except me) – and many thousands…

I’ll be back next year!”

“China’s game industry attracted more and more attention from global enterprises,” Mr. Yunpeng Tan, spokesman of ChinaJoy said, ”We believe that if they come to China and visit ChinaJoy in-person, they can feel China’s blooming game market and certainly will be shocked by it.”

This year’s ChinaJoy has passed, let’s expect a grander ChinaJoy in 2011!

About ChinaJoy:
China Digital Entertainment Expo & Conference (ChinaJoy) is the world’s largest digital entertainment expo focusing on such online entertainment as online game, SNS and social game. The expo also showcases various games on PC, console and mobile platform. Each year, ChinaJoy attracts over 100,000 high-end gamers and over 500 media participants. Over 10,000 trade visitors from nearly 30 countries and regions come here to explore partnership opportunities.

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