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ChinaJoy Aims to Create a Service Platform for Global Digital Interactive Entertainment Industry

Mr. Han Zhihai

Deputy Secretary General of ChinaJoy Organizing Committee
President, Howell International Trade Fair Ltd.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Distinguished Guests,

Good morning. Thank you for your presence at this press conference. Thank you for constantly focusing on and supporting ChinaJoy and its related industry events. Now, on behalf of the Organizing Committee, I intend to inform you of the progress in preparing for the ChinaJoy events.

1. Highlighting the theme of city and life, resonating with the Expo 2010 theme

This year’s ChinaJoy has adopted the theme of “Accompanying Expo 2010, for a Better Life”, with an aim to interpret “Better City, Better Life”, the Expo 2010 theme, through the culture concept of “CityJoy LifeJoy”.

This year’s ChinaJoy events and the carnival, taking place simultaneously during the course of Expo 2010, emphasizing “ChinaJoy CityJoy LifeJoy”, will add impressive highlights to Expo 2010 with the joyous and dazzling visual impacts of the “China digital carnival”.

ChinaJoy will combine, for the first time, the latest modes, games and technologies to produce new melodies, rhymes and experience for cities around the world. Meanwhile, CGDC, CGBC and CGOC will overcome the differences in culture, region and language and turn the urban innovations and ideas to innovate cities into one world, one city and one dream for a better life.

2. Creating a new industry chain-oriented service platform for the international digital interactive entertainment industry

ChinaJoy, boasting a strong internationalization, professionalization and policy compliance, aims to serve as a service platform for the international digital interactive entertainment industry. Through a seven-year evolvement, ChinaJoy has been expanding with China’s ever-changing digital interactive entertainment industry, and has entered a new phase transiting from a large-scale exhibition and event into a service platform for the enterprises’ value chain.

An international industry service platform and service mechanism is being developed and improved that takes the ChinaJoy exhibition services as its core, international professional forums as links and a dazzling digital carnival as a means to fulfill the mass appeal.

The Digital Interactive Entertainment Industry Achievement Showcase Center centered on ChinaJoy has been established as one of the top three international industry exhibitions. While international business conferences including CGBC, CGDC and CGOC further reflect the strong momentum of China’s digital interactive entertainment industry, which in combination have formed an industry service chain covering business, technology development and outsourcing collaboration and therefore will serve as the Business Service Center for this year’s exhibitions and conferences. Theses events, serving the product, development, operation, marketing, investment and outsourcing needs of the game industry, provide an exchange and cooperation platform with the strongest business service capabilities and the widest service spectrum among all international digital interactive entertainment industry exhibitions and conferences. In addition, the China Digital Carnival events, designed to facilitate the international mass cultural exchange and cooperation, is an increasingly expanding and attractive international interactive entertainment event center.

3. Aiming to gain in scale and strength through adaption

ChinaJoy will employ 4 exhibition halls at the Shanghai New International Exhibition Center, and its planned exhibition area is currently over 40,000 square meters. The number of exhibiting enterprise is expected to exceed 200, among which new comers will account for approximately 30 percent of the total, and overseas enterprises will make a 10 percent proportion. This year’s ChinaJoy, the largest in its history, has beat all exhibition events of its kind in Japan and South Korea in terms of scale to become Asia’s largest digital interactive entertainment exhibition.

Meanwhile, CGBC, CGDC and CGOC will invite approximately 200 noted industry professionals and technology experts to make presentations. CGDC, in particular, is resolved to continue its success based on the concepts and experience inherited from the previous events.

To date, the Organizing Committee has received 110 speaker applications from domestic and international technology development experts, and 42 speakers have been approved by the Organizing Committee’s advisory board. ChinaJoy is expected to present between 70 and 80 technology sessions this year, and the number of domestic and international will be well balanced.

Currently, preparations for the CGBC forums are in progress. This year’s CGBC has added the CGBC Overseas Development and Cooperation Forum, CGBC Media Marketing Forum and CGBC Serious Game Forum to its agenda to include a total of 8 forums. The three new forums focus on the most notable sectors in the development of the industry for the time being and in the coming years, which are also believed to be of great interest to the media professionals.

CGOC, a project executed by the Organizing Committee in close cooperation with Shanghai Multimedia Industry Association, will be able to leverage the premier resources of both parties. While referring to the operating mode of international events of its kind, CGOC will also adapt to meet the specific demand of the Chinese enterprises. For example, the on-site “Outsourcor / Outsourcee Business Matching System” is in particular in line with our idea to “serve the enterprises”, enabling the participating enterprises to gain as much business value as possible, which represents the motive that lead to active and thorough involvement of the domestic and international enterprises in our events.

As indicated by the mentioned figures, the international industry service platform centered on ChinaJoy, along with the economic structural adjustment of China’s digital publishing industry, is aggressively undergoing adaption, transition and development in its function.

4. Emphasizing innovative service methods and presenting new highlights

ChinaJoy, like an epitome of the industry, is becoming an international professional service platform with Chinese characteristics along with the industry development.

ChinaJoy is no longer limited to a platform for domestic and international game enterprises to launch their products, and it has also become an exchange and cooperation platform for all enterprises on the industry chain: apart from the launch of traditional game products including large-scale MMO games, webpage games and Social Games, there are new phenomena and new trends, including the showcase of mainstream SP, CP and mobile entertainment enterprises led by China Telecom Game Operating Center and China Mobile Game Base, as well as the rush-in of board game enterprises. It is not only reflective of the expansion of ChinaJoy, but also of the vitality of China’s game industry.

I have seen many familiar faces in the audience, and I believe we share this feeling: there is always something new with each year’s ChinaJoy. It is because we have been learning, exploring and innovating in the course of preparing ChinaJoy. Now it is finally time to declare that we have presented an international event with worldwide coverage for China’s digital interactive entertainment industry, and we will continue with innovations to create a new international industry service mechanism that is based on China and geared for the world. I believe that with the guidance of the industry government agencies and supports by domestic and international players, ChinaJoy will continue to be the carnival for fans of all digital interactive entertainment products, constantly providing the trendy consumers with the latest, most extraordinary and healthiest digital entertainment products.

Thank you.

The eye-catching global event of World Expo 2010 is being held in Shanghai, which attracts the presence of guests from all around the world. The General Assembly of China Game Business Conference (CGBC), China Game Developers Conference (CGDC) and the China Game Outsourcing Conference (CGOC) will be launched from July, 28th to Aug, 1st at the Shanghai International Convention Center, it is certain that these events will bring about worldwide participation within the gaming industry, therefore to promote and enhance the function of the platform as the “communication center” for the technology &business activities between China and the other countries.

About ChinaJoy:

China Digital Entertainment Expo & Conference (ChinaJoy) is the world’s largest digital entertainment expo focusing on such online entertainment as online game, SNS and social game. The expo also showcases various games on PC, console and mobile platform. Each year, ChinaJoy attracts over 100,000 high-end gamers and over 500 media participants. Over 10,000 trade visitors from nearly 30 countries and regions come here to explore partnership opportunities.

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