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CEO of Winking Joins CGOC’s Expert Advisory Board

Mr. Johnny Jan, CEO of Winking Entertainment, has recently joined the Expert Advisory Board.

The first China Game Outsourcing Conference (CGOC 2010) will be held from 31st July to 1st August, 2010 at Shanghai Convention Center, simultaneously with ChinaJoy 2010. With continued great support from relevant regulatory government authorities, CGOC 2010 is bound to become another grand event of the games industry.

The Expert Advisory Board of CGOC serves the conference as a think tank, which helps with both the scheduling and content auditing of the event, to ensure the significant role that CGOC is going to play as a well-performed industrial impeller and technical transmitter. The advisory board of CGOC 2010 will also help the organizing committee with the topics and subjects for discussion, leveraging their in-depth understanding of major issues and bottle-necks facing the development of the industry. In addition, it helps to make sure that CGOC offers an effective platform to solve practical business issues facing attendees home and abroad and to facilitate international exchanges within the industry.

Established in 2000, Winking Entertainment is a leading game development outsourcing company in Greater China region. From end-to-end online game development to art outsourcing, we have obtained trust and recognition from several leading global game companies through our continuous efforts in improving the quality of our services.

Winking has a great experienced talent pool well versed in coding, artwork design, game design and music & sound effects production, etc. Most of the senior developers have more than 10 years of experience in the gaming industry. We have a development team of over 300 members and have offices in Shanghai, Taipei, and Nanjing.

We provide superior services for our global customers and partners by integrating different cultures and development talents and by leveraging our competitive cost structure and highly scalable game development expertise. Backed by top tier VCs, including Intel, HSBC and NIF SMBC, Winking has successfully raised over $13M USD in the past two rounds of financing in 2006 and 2007. The company was also recently recognized as one of the Top 50 Fastest growing companies in China, Ranking #4, as well as Ranked #10 for the Top 500 Fastest Growing companies in Asia by Deloitte.

With our comprehensive international background, world class development process, uncompromising quality control, and experienced development staff, we are positioned to provide the best services to our customers, while expanding our business in alliance with our partners.

Mr. Jan has been leading Shanghai Winking Entertainment since its establishment in 2003. We firmly believe that, with Mr. Jan being one of the expert advisors, CGOC is sure to be more attractive and unique.

The World Expo 2010 currently held in Shanghai is the focus of world attention and this grand event is sure to gather guests from around the globe. At the same time, CGBC, CGDC and CGOC will also be held with the expo from July 28 to August 1 at Shanghai International Convention Center, which will bring global professionals in the gaming industry under one roof. All these will serve as catalysts for SICC’s strengthening of its function as “Business Center” of the world’s business and technical communications for ChinaJoy.

About CGOC

The first China Game Outsourcing Conference (CGOC), co-organized by Howell International Trade Fair Ltd. and Shanghai Multimedia Industry Association, will take place at Shanghai International Conference Center simultaneously with ChinaJoy 2010. With an aim to provide a platform for the Chinese game outsourcing Industry to communicate and exchange nationally and internationally, the first CGOC is composed of seminars and business negotiations. The conference will not only provide an opportunity to share experience but also facilitate a direct communication between the outsourcing suppliers and buyers, which will practically promote the development of the game outsourcing industry. CGOC will become another major industry event following CGBC (China Game Business Conference) and CGDC (China Game Developers Conference).

For more information, please visit:

About Shanghai Multimedia Industry Association (SMIA)

Shanghai Multimedia Industry Association (SMIA) is one of the 12 associations in Shanghai established after China joined WTO. It’s a non-profit social organization, united by corporations and individuals which are engaged in the multimedia industry. Up to now, SMIA owns over 250 corporation members focusing on animation, game, digital film, digital exhibition, digital publishing, E-learning and other relevant industries. SMIA has set up a broad network with associations and organizations of more than 10 different countries and maintained a close relationship with organizations, governments, media and corporations in China.

Our Mission is to serve our members, facilitate the industry and assist the government. Through conducting activities and setting up a public platform, we help members promote their products and services so as to improve their competition ability in domestic and overseas market.

Our Role is a bridge between government and companies, between companies and companies, between Shanghai and other cities, between China and overseas countries, through providing information and business opportunities. We regulate related issues by building a better environment for the multimedia industry. We take full advantage of all resources and preach multimedia application and technology on all levels so as to make government and media as well as common people recognize the importance of the multimedia industry and increase their knowledge of multimedia.

About Howell International

Howell International is one of the leading event planning experts in China with over 12 years’ experience managing and operating exhibitions and conferences. It is the creator and organizer of the world’s largest digital entertainment event – ChinaJoy; it also independently runs and manages the China Game Business Conference (CGBC), China Game Developers Conference (CGDC), China Game Outsourcing Conference(CGOC), Golden Plume Game Awards, China Game Developers Awards (CGDA), China Cosplay Championship (C3), and the China E-Sport National Competition. Howell has earned a high reputation within the game industry in China through its premium services to the global entertainment industry. Its clients include Microsoft, Intel, AMD, nVidia, Epic, Crytek, Electronic Art, SCEI, Blizzard, NCsoft etc.

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