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Game Connection Announces Nominees for Indie Game Competition

 Selected Projects puts indie games in the running for major publishing deals


SAN FRANCISCO – March 6, 2013 – Game Connection has today announced the list of Selected Projects for Game Connection America 2013, 15 game developers and their projects that have been nominated for the prestigious “Best Project 2013” award. Sponsored by Microsoft, the contest is open to console, mobile, PC, social, casual, and online games at any stage of development and from any genre, and will be decided by the Game Connection Advisory Board at Game Connection America 2013, held March 25-27 at the Sir Francis Drake Hotel in San Francisco.


This year, nominated developers and projects hailing from 11 different countries include:

·         Compulsion Games, Inc. (Canada) - 2D/3D puzzle platformer, Contrast (PC)


·         Tabasco Interactive (Poland) - action RPG, BRUCE, The Game (Xbox, PS3, PC)


·         Xibalba Studios (Mexico) - side-scrolling platform shooter, MilitAnt (PS3, PC, mobile)


·         InsGames (Russia) - turn-based strategy game, The Invincibles (mobile)


·         Snowcastle Games (Norway) - RPG, Festival of Magic (PC, mobile, Ouya)


·         Tempeest (Netherlands) - location-based game, Lost in Time (mobile)


·         Beardshaker Games (Germany)- puzzle game, NonoCraft (PC, mobile)


·         HeroCraft (Russia) - strategy game, FootLoL (PC, mobile)


·         A Crowd of Monsters (Spain) - mobile arcade game, Sugar Kid (Wii U, PS Vita, Ouya)


·         IOTA studio (Canada) - mobile arcade game, Microsillon (mobile, PS Vita)


·         Delicode, Ltd. (Finland)- interactive storybook, Kinected Stories (Xbox Kinect, mobile)


·         Current Circus (Australia) - open-world music game, Muse (Xbox, PS3, PC)


·         Moonbite Games S.L (Spain) - survival-horror FPS, Zombeer, Zombies&Beers (PS3, PC)


·         Playniac (UK) - race management sim, International Racing Squirrels (PC, mobile)


·         Phantom Compass (Canada) - puzzle pinball RPG, Rollers of the Realm (PC, mobile)



The award ceremony will be held from 9:00 am to 10:50 am on Tuesday, March 26 in Conference Room A at Game Connection America. The Best Project 2013 award will be presented to the winning developer at the end of the ceremony. For more information on this contest and the nominees, please visit


Game Connection America 2013 will be held March 25-27 at the Sir Francis Drake Hotel in San Francisco. This event, held three times each year in Europe, the US, and Asia, allows video game professionals to meet, do business together, connect with new industry professionals, and socialize in an environment conducive to getting business done. Members of the press interested in attending the conference or Marketing Awards ceremony may contact TriplePoint PR at


See why past attendees love Game Connection in this video:


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About Game Connection

Game Connection is an international conference that gives video game marketing industry professionals the opportunity to interact, network, and promote their products, services, and expertise. Since 2001, key players from the games industry gather three times per year—in Europe, the US, and Asia—to meet, do business together, connect with new industry professionals, and socialize in a lively environment where business gets done. In 2011, Game Connection launched a program of conferences, workshops, and master classes. As part of this program, experts of arts, game design, programming, production, communication, and marketing presented the latest innovation for consoles, handheld, browser games, social media, digital, and mobile stores. For more information, visit:


About Connection Events:

Connection Events is a creator of opportunities, resources and results in the Games Industry.

Connection Events specializes in the production of services and events aimed at games industry professionals, with over 800 business clients in more than 56 countries. Core Connection Events services include Game Connection and Game Connection Master Classes. For more information, visit:


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