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Self Service Game Customisation Hits the Market

Imagine being able to create a branded game for your client within minutes. Well, the possibility of being able to achieve that has just become a reality, with the launch of the new SkillPod Media game advertising tool, Advergame Creator ( . The solution provides advertisers, brand owners or anyone wishing to create a custom branded game the facility to create cost effective games with their brand, logos and products fully embedded into the games.

The platform offers the following game customisation features:

  • Ability to name games
  • Add logo's and products to the various game screens
  • Change the colour schemes (game specific)
  • Save games, edit them up to 3 times
  • Pay for the -service via Paypal, Moneybookers or Credit Card
  • Translate games
  • Access to reports, which detail: number of game plays, clicks on banners, high scores logged and user registrations
  • Distribution code, including: iframe, embed code, Javascript and the ability to post to Facebook and other social networks
  • The platform includes a simple user registration feature
  • Users can log their High Scores
  • Top 10 scores are displayed within the game

Currently there are 19 games on offer, ranging from your traditional Tetris style games to some really slick sports games, including Soccer Shoot Out, American Football, Basketball and other world class titles. The number of titles on offer will be increased monthly, with the addition of new and exciting titles.

Advergame Creator gives users the tools to effectively create their custom games, and more importantly advertisers have instant access to a number of reports that provide them real time feedback on the success of the campaign. They further have the benefit of building a marketing database, they can track all user activity, including tracking the number of clicks on the logo's within the game. The opportunity exists to run competitions, in order to increase the viral success of their creation, by publicising prizes for the top scores - which can be selected from the reporting tools.

We’ve seen an increase in the number of requests and projects from agencies wishing to create advergames for their client base, says Mark van Diggelen, CEO of SkillPod Media. Our aim was to create a user friendly, high configurable and affordable solution, that would service a global audience, van Diggelen adds.

Advertisers wishing to make use of this online tool can try it out at 

A further addition to the vast array of games solutions, already on offer by SkillPod Media, is the introduction of our first multiplayer game, Dirt Max 3D ( Currently this title is available for users to play through SkillPod’s Facebook games application framework. This is version 2 of a number of planned releases, future releases will include the addition of weapons, power-ups, advertising / sponsorship, additional tracks and others features which are still under wraps. The current version allows users to either play in single, or in multiplayer mode against a friend, where scores may be logged and displayed on the live leader boards. Users can also challenge their Facebook friends, enter the tournaments and win virtual trophies.

This is the first of many new and exciting game titles that will be released by SkillPod Media, each of these games is fully integrated into our gaming platform, concludes van Diggelen

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