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4th October 2010 

The Italian Videogame Developer Conference, taking place on the 3rd-4th December at the LUISS University in Rome, has announced additional sponsorship opportunities for the event.
Already in its 3rd year, the IVDC is breaking new ground with the inclusion of IVDC PLAY, a consumer venue taking place in ‘TechnoTown’, providing aspiring videogame developers and fans alike a gaming experience from the best of an increasingly confident Italian videogames industry. In addition, business and workshop areas are being selected to house a far-reaching event programme.
Marco Accordi Rickards, President of AIOMI and the IVDC said, “The IVDC 2010 will be our most ambitious conference to date. Our objectives are simple; the IVDC will present an inspirational and comprehensive programme illustrating just how far the Italian industry has progressed both nationally and internationally. Delegates will be surprised and excited with what we have planned, the innovative technologies we’ll demonstrate and above all, we hope the conference will help to inspire talented people to join this fantastic industry.”
Marco continues; “With our new consumer show IVDC PLAY and additional business and workshop areas, we have the opportunity for sponsors to communicate to a wide international audience, from established studios and publishers to trail-blazing start up companies and aspiring games designers. The IVDC is the first international forum for videogames in Italy and with strong and continuing support from the Italian government, we intend to make the IVDC one of Europe’s premier conferences.”
For sponsorship information, please contact Eliana Bentivegna at or Kristien Wendt at
For more details, visit and follow the conference on
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Editors notes
IVDC 2010
The Italian Videogame Developers Conference is the first and only conference in Italy for the videogames industy, and is the official annual summit of the IVD (Italian Videogame Developers association). Now in its 3rd year, the IVDC has become the main platform for an increasingly confident Italian games industry to present itself nationally and internationally.
Held on 3rd and 4th of December 2010, the IVDC will take place in the conference hall of the internationally respected LUISS University in Rome. The official langauge of the conference will be English, with translation into Italian optional. This two-day event is totally free to attend.
Dedicated to the progression of Italian and international game development, the IVDC is the ideal place for meetings and exchange of knowledge, tools and techniques among the most important professionals in the field.
The IVDC has been supported and partnered with prominent Italian and international companies in the videogames industry, and the 2010 programme will includes presentations by some of the leading professionals in Italian and international game developing and publishing. The programme and workshops will also be dedicated to independent game development and all the other aspects of the industry.
AIOMI, the Italian Association for the Interactive Multimedia – Movement for the Videogame Culture, was born to promote, diffuse and preserve the videogame culture, intended as a form of art, human cultural expression and excellence product of the industry.
The Videogame is effectively part of the collective imagination, and AIOMI fights to make it recognized, respected, studied and understood. AIOMI will therefore help any initiative to valorize the Videogame and promote its culture through any form and means.
In the same way, the Association will intervene every time videogames are the object of disinformation.
AIOMI has a partnership with the City of Rome for the creation of the Italian Videogame Museum - ViGaMus, which already has the place (about 1.000 square meters), with the Patronization of the Youth Ministry, of the Presidency of the City Council of Rome, of the Councillorship of Culture, of Assoknowledge / Confindustria and of the Faculty of Science of the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”.
AIOMI helped the Italian Videogame Developers to constitute into a group in Assoknowledge / Confindustria Innovative and Technological Services, where the main Italian videogame developing companies are, and represents the 95% of the Italian videogame industry gross income. Raoul Carbone and Marco Accordi Rickards, founders of AIOMI, are the President and Vice President of the Group.
AIOMI organizes every year the most important business event in the videogame field in Italy, the IVDC, the Italian Videogame Developers Conference, which is the official conference of the Italian Videogame Developers.
Marco Accordi Rickards, President and co-founder of AIOMI, teaches Interactive Multimedia Theory and Critics in the Course of Information and Editorial Systems of the Faculty of Literature and Philosophy in Rome, University of “Tor Vergata”.
Raoul Carbone, Vice President and co-founder of AIOMI, is creator and coordinator of the Triennial Course of Virtual Design – CG Animation and Videogame Development in the European Institute of Design in Rome.
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