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i-Jet Media Joins Developers Association RADIT

i-Jet Media joined the Russian Association of Developers and Publishers of Game Industry and Interactive Technologies (RADIT).

Alexey Kostarev, General Producer at i-Jet Media, explained that within the framework of the RADIT i-Jet Media intends to facilitate the development of the game industry in Russia and promotion of Russian social games internationally.

"Today i-Jet Media is among world leaders in a sector of games for social networks, and the largest publisher and distributor of social games in Russia and Eastern Europe. Moreover, we are the only company representing the interests of Russian social game developers in Europe. We are aware of sharing responsibility for the future of Russian social games market. i-Jet Media is joining the RADIT to contribute to efforts of the professional community in order to further the development of the Russian game industry and promotion of Russian developers to foreign markets," Alexey Kostarev said.

Konstantin Popov, RADIT's President, confirmed that i-Jet Media is accepted as a member of the Association and the decision had been already made: "We are very glad that i-Jet Media, which is a leader of the game industry, decided to join the Association and take an active stand towards social games. I am sure that the experience and expertize of i-Jet Media will make a major contribution to attainment of goals faced by the Association."

Russian Association of Developers and Publishers of Game Industry and Interactive Technologies (RADIT) was established in 2010, and is the association of the companies related to the game industry and interactive technologies field. RADIT carries out on non-commercial base innovative, scientific-technical and implementation activities with the main purpose to coordinate business activities of its members, especially small-scale and medium companies, as well as representation and protection of their common property interests. The Association establishes, supports and develops the relations with international and foreign organizations whose business activity relates with RADIT purposes. The Association is also developing its GR work in order to establish a long-term cooperation between the government and RADIT members. It also organizes an annual international conference, ACGI, All-Russian Conference on Game Industry and Interactive Technologies (

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About i-Jet Media
i-Jet Media is an international social games distribution network. Nowadays, i-Jet Media published games by partner developers on up to 30 local and global social networks and web communities all over the world including Russia, the CIS, Europe, Asia, North and South America. Total audience of applications published by i-Jet Media is more than 60 million users. Employees: 150+.

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