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First Brain Training MMO Game on Odnoklassniki

i-Jet Media launched the first brain training game with a focus on children 5-11 years old, Rulimony, on a Russian social network, Odnoklassniki. It is a second game for children in the portfolio of i-Jet Media. The company expects to raise its own audience by 15 to 20 per cent with the help of games for children.

More than 40 fascinating colourful minigames are integrated into the application to date. They encourage development of children's attention, memory, logic, keenness of observation, spatial reasoning, and other skills and abilities. Thus, players are asked to clean the sea of dust, write digits in the sky with the help of a small helicopter, match various colours, and have many other things to do. Besides brain training options, the game captivates users with its colourful graphics, subconsciously comprehensible interface, kind images of characters, and original method to travel the game world.

Social options are of special interest to players. Users may communicate in minichats, exchange postcards and short messages using the game mail, and strike up acquaintances. Talking to old friends and meeting new ones do not require additional applications to writing letters or online messaging, and are performed straight in the game world.

Moderators watch everything that is happening in the game world permanently to make the children's communication process safe. Their control is used to guarantee that every player follows the rules of communication in the children's virtual world.

Rulimony is among few subscription-based games on social networks. It means that players get access to a full set of game functions having payed for 1, 3 or 12 months. Such a monetization model enables parents to remain calm over their budgets because children will not be able to spend an unlimited sum of real money while playing the game.

After the launch of Rulimony on Odnoklassniki, i-Jet Media plans to publish the game on social networks of Eastern Europe.

The project Rulimony had been developed by Cypriote Arecom Limited on basis of minigames created by Albimedia from the Republic of Belarus.

Both the developer and publisher believe that the release of Rulimony on Odnoklassniki will not only encourage the growth of this social network, but also pay parents' and teachers' attention to the issue of developing children by means of modern technologies. Rulimony shows clearly that computer games for children are more than mere shooters and dressers, whereas they represent a whole world of training and educating opportunities.

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