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Gangs at Work on Netlog

The game City Gangs was published on social network Netlog. This is the fourth application launched by i-Jet Media on Netlog. City Gangs is among the most highly profittable games among the ones the company is working with at the moment.

City Gangs is a maffia genre game. Players begin their criminal careers, set up virtual gangs of their friends, and carry out various tasks and complete missions such as robbing shops and citizens, fighting with other gangs, and doing their best to become the boss at the megalopolis.

i-Jet Media plans to launch three games more on Netlog: Wild West Trains, Pirates of the Caribbean, and AirPort. Titles which were published on Netlog earlier are Farm of Happyness, Farm Frenzy, and Fashion Life.

City Gangs are published on 11 social networks and web communities to date. "It is the most widespread and profitable game in the company," adds General Producer of i-Jet Media Alexey Kostarev. "We are going to launch City Gangs on five to seven European social networks more."

Alexey Kostarev also attributes the success of City Gangs to its availability in mobile version. Moreover, mobile City Gangs is connected with players' web accounts. Consequently, a person keeps all his achievements while playing it under the same account via both his phone and computer. "Mobile versions enlarge game sessions, and City Gangs is a great example of how they increase a middle payment too," Alexey Kostarev explains.

i-Jet Media expects to supply all the key games in its portfolio with mobile versions in two years.

Netlog is an international social network specifically targeted at the European youth. Its audience is approximately 70 million users. The website is also available in 37 languages. According to ComScore, Netlog is pageview market leader in Belgium, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Romania and Turkey. In the Netherlands, Germany, France and Portugal, Netlog covers the second place. Pan European, Netlog is the market leader. With more than 150 million visitors per month, the number of pageviews amounts to more than 4 billion.

i-Jet Media is an international social games distribution network. Its portfolio includes 70 games by various developers published in 30 social networks all over the world, and over 60 million users. Nowadays, the company takes an active part in developing European and Asian markets as well as mobile social games service.

Contact i-Jet Media: (under reconstruction)

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