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CGDC Announces Official Agenda
The CGDC 2010 Organizing Committee today announced the official agenda and named two keynote speakers. The committee indicated that with strong support from the Advisory Board, the domestic industry and the international industry, the agenda covers a wide range of aspects in the development of the game industry, with an aim to strengthen its overall capability.

The agenda is available for download at:

The latest agenda features:

  • Comprehensiveness and practicality
  • Forward-lookingness in technology development

Topics included in the agenda cover a total of 8 technical fields, namely Design, Programming, Art, Security, Testing, Audio, Management and Operation. They are focused on online games, while also referring to other game platforms including PC/Console games and mobile games. Here online games are divided into MMO, Webgame, Social Game, etc., while mobile games include platform technologies such as Windows Mobile, iPhone and Android. With respect to PC/Console games, the Organizing Committee has not only invited major publishers including EA, Blizzard Entertainment, Ubi Soft, Microsoft and Sony to share their experience in developing large-scale games, but also paid attention to the rapidly growing flash game technology field. It aims to build a comprehensive technology exchange platform for China’s growing game industry.

Based on the technical challenges of the industry while looking into the future technical development, CGDC has designed a special summit called “Future Summit”, which will have research professionals from companies and institutes including Microsoft, Sony, Crytek, EPIC, nVidia and Shanda to depict a picture for the future game technology development. The Organizing Committee pointed out that China’s expanding game industry, having completed its initial development phase, will not continue to gain power without constant innovation. It is essential to perceive the trends of the future game development for China’s enterprises to take a leading position in the global game industry. Hence the “Future Summit” is designed to facilitate the industry’s technology innovation.

Meanwhile, the CGDC 2010 Organizing Committee also named two keynote speakers and announced the titles of their presentations: “Dare to Be Different” by Hilmar Petursson, CEO of EVE Games’ game creation company CCP Games; “West Meets East – Expanding Entertainment and Technology into Global Markets” by Faruk Yerli, President and Managing Director of Crytek.

Currently, CTOs, technology directors and senior technical professionals of various “schools” are busy preparing their presentations. Among speakers invited to CGDC 2010 are leaders in various game development technology fields. Domestic technical leaders from Kingsoft, Perfect World, Sohu, Shanda, Tencent, The9 and 9you are well positioned to meet challenges from the professional audience, through which the “China” essence will again be demonstrated at CGDC 2010, a unique feature of the event. Meanwhile, the international regiment comprising of Microsoft, Sony, EA, Blizzard Entertainment, Ubi Soft, nVidia, EPIC, Crytek, NC and CCP will cross the distance to present the over 1,000 professional audience the cutting-edge technologies and most effective solutions in game development. These international technical experts and game producers will also share their success stories and latest technologies. From July 30 to August 1, the Shanghai International Convention Center will serve as a forum for domestic and international game producers to communicate ideas, to bring together the Eastern and Western cultures and to share the success stories of both sides, which will endow great treasures and technical improvement power on each audience.

Note by the CGDC Organizing Committee:

The online registration is scheduled to close by July 9, 2010. No discount will be offered for on-site registration. Please notice the difference.

The eye-catching global event of World Expo 2010 is being held in Shanghai, which attracts the presence of guests from all around the world. The General Assembly of China Game Business Conference (CGBC), China Game Developers Conference (CGDC) and the China Game Outsourcing Conference (CGOC) will be launched from July 28th to Aug. 1st at the Shanghai International Convention Center, it is certain that these events will bring about worldwide participation within the gaming industry, therefore to promote and enhance the function of the platform as the “communication center” for the technology & business activities between China and the other countries.

About CGDC

China Game Developers Conference (CGDC) is one of the world’s leading game development conferences. Each year, CGDC attracts over 3,000 professionals in the game development field to attend and learn. Over 70 global top-notch game designers and developers deliver speeches there and share their experience in the 3-day event.

CGDC website:

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