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Binary Dawn's Through To Iota OpenFeint's featured FREE Game Of The Day

St. John's, NL – November 11, 2010 - Following the successful launch of WordUs2, independent mobile entertainment developer Binary Dawn announced today that Through To Iota for the iPhone and iPod Touch is available for FREE via OpenFeint's

About Through To Iota
Through To Iota is a devilish mix of pool and curling with four types of stones to master over ten challenging stages of five levels each. Play straight through the levels or choose your own path to Iota. To complete the level simply shoot the stones into the goals, what could be easier? Wait, what about those obstacles and overlapping goals? How you play those is for you to decide.

Either way, Iota may only be entered once the first forty-five levels are complete. To this date only a very select group of players have joined the club of those who have made it Through To Iota.

The comments we receive are split: "I hate it!" or "I love it!". There is no in between. Most love to hate it, while others hate to love it, but once YOU are 'in the zone' there is no putting it down.

As "JayJayflash" in the Canadian iTunes App Store said:
"This game is addicting! And Frustrating as hell! I want to throw my phone through the window but I can't stop playing it!! I have to finish it!"

If you want a challenging puzzler that will keep you playing for weeks on end, then this is the game for you.

Can *YOU* make it Through To Iota??



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