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Introducing BANG!...the Spaghetti Western board game, now for your iPhone, iPad, Atom Netbook and PC


28th October 2010





Italian production company Palzoun, together with leading Italian developer SpinVector, announced today that BANG! The Spaghetti Western Board Game is coming to Apple iPhone, iPad, Atom Netbook and PC.
BANG! is the original card-based board game from Italian board game publisher dVGiochi which, since launch, has sold over 600,000 copies worldwide. BANG! The Official Videogame will be the first time players on a variety of platforms will be able to play together and enjoy the dynamic, quick-fire action that BANG! offers, as the Outlaws tussle with the Sheriff and his Deputies!
Players can assume the roles of many Western characters, including: Calamity Janet, Bart Cassidy and Jose Delgado, BANG! puts the players in the thick of the action, where being quick on the draw is paramount...or you’ll be sure to find yourself in the Undertaker’s window!
Since dVGiochi awarded the official licence to Palzoun, both companies have worked together closely to ensure the videogame version maintains the original experience’s excitement and universal appeal.
For those of you who want to see and play the first playable version of BANG! The Official Videogame before launch, Palzoun and SpinVector will be unveiling the game at this year’s prestigious Lucca Comics and Games event in Italy on 29th October to 1st November at the dVGiochi stand.
BANG! will be available worldwide in December 2010 via the iTunes AppStore (iPhone & iPad HD), Intel AppUp (Atom Netbook) and PC direct download..
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 Editors notes

Palzoun Entertainment creates and produces multi-platform digital entertainment and videogames. Innovation, quality and creativity are the tools with which the company uses to develop products of value and entertainment in its capacity as both Publisher and as Developer. As a production company, Palzoun have focused its efforts on licence acquisitions, the creation of IPs and projects, and funding third parties using strategic partnerships, in addition to co-producing and handling commercial relations both inside and outside the country.


SpinVector is an innovative Italian developer that creates hi-tech multi-platform videogames and installations at the boundaries of material and virtual: the result of constant research in the fields of real-time computer-graphics, augmented reality and interaction.

dVGiochi publisher produces casual and family games included the classic BANG!. dVGiochi develops its own board games and, together with its close network of partners and distributors, has won many industry awards in both its national and international markets. dVGiochi is considered a leader in the field of Italian board games.

Lucca Comics and Games

For further press information relating to the above companies, please contact:

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International Lead Agency
Mr. Kristien Wendt
Character Communications Ltd.
Tel (Main): +44(0) 1376 322621

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