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Community Network Game project aims to bring social MMO gaming into the 21st century

  The Community Network Game Project

An exciting new research project to look into embedding user generated content into virtual world environments has just launched. The Community Network Game project is a cutting edge collaboration involving European and Israeli experts from leading technology companies and research organisations.
The project, which will last 30 months and is part funded by the European Commission 7th Framework programme, will be looking at developing systems and applications which will allow engaging online community activities within and around computer game spaces. One key focus will be multiplayer online games and the aim will be to promote social interaction through games.
Partners include: Exent Technologies Ltd., Research Academic Computer Technology Institute (CTI), Institut Telecom (ITE), De Montfort University (DMU), Kaltura Ltd., RedBedlam Ltd, the European Games Developer Federation (EGDF) and i2 media research Ltd (Goldsmiths, University of London).
The team of partners brings together expertise in: games on demand and real time on the fly modification to game content (Exent), games development (Red Bedlam, EGDF), user generated content (Kaltura), computer network/multimedia communications (CTI, DMU, ITE) and user needs/user research/market research (i2 media research).
For more information on the project visit: []
For technical/business enquires contact project co-ordinator Alex Shani at

For press and interviews please contact


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