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i-Jet Media Joins Developers Association RADIT
i-Jet Media joined the Russian Association of Developers and Publishers of Game Industry and Interactive Technologies (RADIT).Alexey Kostarev, General Producer at i-Jet Media, explained that within the framework of the RADIT i-Jet Media intends to facilitate the development of the game industry...
Owners of i-Jet Media Sell 25 Per Cent of Company
The largest social games publisher and distributor in Russia and Eastern Europe, i-Jet Media, holds negotiations with a few investment organizations over selling 25 per cent of the company.Co-Founder and General Producer of i-Jet Media Alexey Kostarev explains that the funds will be used to...
i-Jet Media publishes most expensive Russian social game on Odnoklassniki, Europe to follow
i-Jet Media launches the most expensive social game ever produced in Russia, Pet a Pet, which has been published in social network Odnoklassniki. It is known as "Zveriki" in Russian. The game was developed by the heavyweight Russian gaming company, Akella. Pet A Pet's first active day...
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