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i-Jet Media Publishes Social Games in Korea and Vietnam
In April 2011, i-Jet Media carried out first launches of applications on another two Asian social networks. Wild West Trains and Airport were published on Vietnam's social network, and Farm of Happiness was made available on South Korea's Cyworld ( In this way, the...
i-Jet Media Joins Developers Association RADIT
i-Jet Media joined the Russian Association of Developers and Publishers of Game Industry and Interactive Technologies (RADIT).Alexey Kostarev, General Producer at i-Jet Media, explained that within the framework of the RADIT i-Jet Media intends to facilitate the development of the game industry...
Fantastic Fest announces debut indie games event Fantastic Arcade
****FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE****Fantastic Fest announces debut indie games event Fantastic Arcade National event features new games and major publisher showcase Austin, TX---Thursday, June 10, 2010---America‚Äôs largest genre film festival Fantastic Fest today announced Fantastic Arcade, their...
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