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KrabbitSoft announces KrabbitWorld Origins now available on Direct2Drive!
November 16th, 2009 Action, Adventure, RPG and Indie, KWO hits D2Dfor Mac OSX & Windows  What can a team of two accomplish? “A lot, apparently, with Krabbits on your side. Indie developer Krabbitsoft has done what some thought was impossible, developing and releasing an...
KrabbitWorld Origins New Battle Modes Pwn in KrabbitSoft's new release of KWO v 1.1
October 18th, 2009KrabbitSoft's Gothic Fantasy 3D Action RPG breaks the mold with Furious Fighter Style GamePlay. A true Hybrid, RPG element defined as lite, Action/RPG/Fighter more accurately describes this game.Hack n' slash combat focused, KWO now includes Battle Modes for those...
KrabbitWorld Origins released September 9th 2009
  KrabbitSoft announces the release of KrabbitWorld Origins with Kid Kria, last known Guardian, training to...
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