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Bill Gates’ Pupil Zhang Yaqin to Attend the Summit Forum
Zhang Yaqin, Global Senior Vice President of Microsoft, Chairman of Microsoft Asia Pacific Group, one of Bill Gates’ most favorite Chinese pupils, recently confirmed that he will attend the China Digital Entertainment Summit Forum.Zhang Yaqin is responsible for the overall organization of...
Miracle of China’s Social Game Industry: National Campaign Triggered by Game on Farm
In China, there is a game that brings active players 2 times more than World of Warcraft, can you believe that?In China, there is a game that attracts users aging from 6 to 80, can you believe that? This miracle truly happened in China, where numerous school pupils as well as retired seniors are...
2010 CGBC International Cooperation Forum--Open a business banquet
China Game Business Conference (CGBC) is the largest and highest-standard business event in China game industry. It is known as one of the best B2B conferences. 2010 CGBC will hold the International Cooperation Forum at the end of July in Shanghai International Convention Center to discuss the...
CGBC 2010 to Open 9 Forums in 2010
Howell International Trade Fair LTD has announced the dates for this year’s CGBC 2010, which will take place from July 28 till August 1 at Shanghai International Convention Center.According to the announcement, CGBC 2010 will be comprised of: China Digital Entertainment Summit Forum CGBC...
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