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PlayStation “minis” game NormalTanks available on PSP System and PS3!

Following the successful release of the “minis” game BreakQuest, Beatshapers will now be releasing their next game on the PlayStation®Portable and PlayStation®3 platforms.

NormalTanks is a fast-paced multi-directional top-down arcade shooter in a tanks universe featuring classic run 'n' gun gameplay with 3 difficulty settings.

There are 8 challenging, dynamic and hazardous environments to tackle. Over 30 different enemies including various tanks, helicopters, robots and biomechanical creatures await your challenge! Crash, kill and destroy them all to move forward. By using special power-ups, you can upgrade your tank abilities: cannon, machine gun and armor to help you progress.

NormalTanks received a honorable mention at this year’s Independent Game Festival.

The screenshots can be found here

Preview trailer is here

About Beatshapers

Beatshapers Ltd. is a video game developer and digital publisher located in Ukraine. The studio is licensed to develop on all gaming consoles and published it’s first “minis” game on the PlayStation®Network in 2009. Key members of the company worked on IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey (PSP), Rhythm of War (PSP, IGF Mobile 2009 Finalist) and MelodyBloxx (PSP, IGF Mobile 2010 Honorable Mention in Audio Category). 

NormalTanks is available at the European PlayStation®Store for €3.99. The North American release date is set to end of April 2010.

Press Contact / European Review Codes / General Inquiries

Alexey Menshikov
Email: alexm [at]


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