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26th March 2010
Boaki: the safest online game for kids
The brand new online world offers children 6 to 12 years old an ongoing, fun and educational online PC adventure game which has been created specifically for them and has their safety as its top priority.
Devised and developed by GIBCOM MULTIMEDIA, whose creative team was responsible for the educational software Adi and Adibou (used by millions of children around the world), the Online World of Boaki provides both an online environment in which children can play safely, and provides parents with all the reassurance they need.
Email address registration and validation is just the first stage in creating a responsible game environment. While chat or instant messaging may be central part of many children’s online and social games, Boaki is continuously monitored both by automatic filter technology and teams of highly skilled human moderators. The filter catches any bad language (even abbreviated or misspelled), inappropriate comments, and even flags suspicious wording or behaviour. The teams of moderators work in conjunction with this system, and take any appropriate action - to verify or censure - whichever might be needed.
GIBCOM’s marketing director Christophe Ramboz said, “Boaki was created to be a ‘virtual playground’, and as such, it has its own qualified ‘dinner-ladies’, who keep an eye on the children, intervene when needed, and deal immediately with anything suspicious.”
However, unlike Disney’s Club Penguin, Boaki’s chat is deliberately only available after school, between 5pm and 8pm. Ramboz said, “We’ve created Boaki to be not only full of games, puzzles, quizzes but also tournaments and exploration which create a truly cooperative adventure. In making the chat in Boaki an after school feature, we are focused on fitting in with family routines.”
As an online world created to entertain and educate children, Boaki does not tolerate aggression, attempts at violent behaviour or bullying, and it is totally advertising-free. Ramboz continued, “We want to give children the opportunity to have a challenging and intelligent game with rich 3-D graphics and unique and customisable environments. The mini-games, trials, races and riddles all reveal clues towards solving the mystery of Boaki, and with our strong safety practices and Boaki’s vibrant visual appeal, the bar is finally being raised for online games for children.”
To offer parents additional reassurance, is also registered with CEOP (the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre), helping make it the safest online environment in which children and play and learn.
The Beta version of was launched in the UK in March this year. Boaki is free register and free to play. As children find they enjoy playing through the different lands, and when parents are satisfied with the benefits of Boaki and its online chat safety precautions, they might then decide to become full members of Boaki for only £4 per month. Membership opens the whole world of Boaki in full, and there are no in-game micropayments or extra game costs at all.
To discover more about Boaki, the online world for kids, go to
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