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Avatar Wave: Snowball Fight, Throw Snowballs at Avatars

Remember that one time in band camp when you talked about doing cool things with your Xbox Avatars? I hope that cool thing involved taking a snowball and shoving it right in the face of other Xbox Avatars. The creative minds at Hotwave Games presents an insanely awesome thing to do with Xbox Avatars. Snowball fight!!! I present to you...for your Winter eyes only...Avatar Wave: Snowball Fight.

Avatar Wave: Snowball Fight

Why dream of a white Christmas when you can download and create your own with Avatar Wave: Snowball Fight!? It's the next best thing to actually making your own snowball and hitting little Billy in the face with it. The best part is that with Avatar Wave: Snowball Fight the screaming mom heading straight towards you for breaking her little boy's nose is out of the equation. Don't break a nose, break an Avatar!

Avatar Wave: Snowball Fight puts your Avatar against others in a snowball fight for the ages. Make sure your Avatar is dressed for the occasion! It's 1-4 players so you and some friends can finally go at it in a pile of snow. Come on I know you've always wanted to. Take a look at the game in action here.

You can toss snowballs in Arcade and Survival mode as well as play online on Xbox LIVE against other snowball fighters across the country. It's the perfect game for the holiday season and the only one that won't have Billy's mom chasing after you. You can safely throw as many snowballs as you can.

"Snow is the most dominant in the feeling of Winter and thus we decided to make a snowball fighting game," said Lead Programmer, Percy. "In the development process, we always keep the gameplay simple so that a wide range of players can have fun with it. Players can find some tactics in the game and they can defeat enemies easily by mastering those skills!"

Give your audience the gift of news about this game. It's available now on the Xbox Live Marketplace for 240 Microsoft Points. From the Xbox dashboard, just head to Games Marketplace > Indie Games. You can queue it up for download on

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About Hotwave Games

Hotwave Games is an independent developer with several fan-favorite titles developed under Microsoft's Xbox Live Indie Games platform for Xbox 360 and PC.

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