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SVA Games Completes Prototype for TitanBots: Robot Fighting Champions
SVA Games Completes Prototype for TitanBots: Robot Fighting Champions

TitanBots, the new Toys-to-Life robot fighting game from SVA Games, has entered the prototype phase and is now ready to demo for the media and potential partners.

San Francisco, March 11th - SVA Games has announced a completed prototype for its highly anticipated robot fighting game TitanBots: Robot Fighting Champions. The Titanbots prototype marks the entry of SVA Games into the popular Toys-to-Life genre of video games. The prototype showcases gameplay as well as fully realized TitanBots action figurines that communicate using the most advanced technology yet found in a Toys-to-Life game.

"We've spent a lot of time optimizing the prototype to really bring out the feeling of the completed game", said Johnny Smith, the founder and CEO of SVA Games. "TitanBots raises the bar for gameplay in the toys-to-life genre, and we fully expect it to disrupt the category upon launch."

With over 50 unique, highly customizable action figures that do battle in a series of combat arenas, TitanBots  immerses players in a quest to become the ultimate robot fighting champion. Players can train their TitanBots using a unique wearable device or gain new abilities with specialized power chips. TitanBots is the first Toys-to-Life game developed using the Unreal Engine, and will support versions optimized for the major console gaming platforms.

About TitanBots: TitanBots is a unique toys-to-life robot fighting game that integrates poseable TitanBot action figures with next-generation video game hardware. Key features include a wide variety of TitanBots, a deep and engaging storyline with multiple ways to play, arena combat, powerful combo attacks, and multiplayer capability. TitanBots is a trademark registered in the US Patent and Trademark Office.

About SVA Games: SVA Games, Inc. is an independent, San Francisco-based game development company. SVA Games was established to create new game experiences for discerning gamers, and is composed of veteran game industry staff, most of whom have worked on numerous AAA titles. For up to the minute information about TitanBots, please visit us on social media:
TitanBots on Steam Greenlight:
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