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A Sirius Game is out! (3D adventure game for pc)
A Sirius Game now available.

Phantasm Games and Over Cloud 9’s first joint project of this 3D adventure game, for PC, has been launched.

18th January, 2012 (Bangalore, India): Over Cloud 9 ( and Phantasm Games ( are pleased to announce their first joint production, A Sirius Game, for PC players. It is a DRM-free role adventure game with RPG elements, designed to cater to both the casual gamers and veterans.


The Story – Siriusly, how many games have bored you with a ‘happily-ever-after’ ending? How many times have you hated that ooh-so-nice, pansy looking hero? Not anymore! Now you can play the role of the bad guy with bad intentions! Bad, mean, selfish and everything horrible that you can ever imagine. It’s siriusly all about Sirius, the rotten apple of our game.


It all started on a nice, bright and sunny day. Sirius, the arrogant brat, gets thrown out of his house by his father after a squabble. Now he gets set to take revenge of this petty disgrace. He takes his battle ship and heads into the ocean. The spoilt child now has to perform tasks like escorting merchant ships safely to ports, trading items and fighting off magical creatures. He needs to put away his pride and act all goody-goody to secure contracts. But wait! Does life finally teach Sirius a lesson? Or is it all lost in his thirst for petty vengeance?


 Now, why did we put a bad guy into the center of attention? Nah, we are not giving away everything. That is something you need to find out. So, are you ready to play as the bad guy? Are you siriusly up for the challenge to see through his deeds and know his true intentions?


Game Description: A Sirius Game is 3D, action-adventure game with RPG elements, and is designed and marketed by OverCloud9 and developed at Phantasm Games Studio for PC platform. It requires the player’s ship to escort other merchant ships to different ports unharmed by the pirates and also trade different items for money. The game is set in a medieval environment with quirky humour and a lots of side quests and fantasy based pirate ships. It is an intellectual property of OverCloud9 and technology is copyrighted intellectual property of Phantasm Games Studio.


For information about the game purchase, visit Game features are mentioned at the end of the press release.

About us:

In March, 2011, Phantasm Games studio and Over Cloud 9 started their first 3D game project together. Over Cloud 9 is the main player in the game’s pre-production and post production processes like game design, 2D art direction, marketing and publishing. Phantasm Games had conducted the principle game development like programming, 3D artwork, and sounds.


 Phantasm Games is an independent games studio with three years development experience in XBLIG platform and 3D gaming. Their custom made game engine is a versatile development kit for creating a variety of games for both PC and Xbox platforms.

Over Cloud 9 is a two year old company, devoted specifically to cater to a niche genre of computer RPGs. They are well known for offering free RPG walkthroughs and official strategy guides, game help, game developer tools, beta testers and many other products and features pertaining to RPGs.

Contact information:

For business, publishing and marketing queries: Moumita Paul, Over Cloud 9


For development, testing and technical queries: Manjith Krishnappa, Phantasm Games




Get the full media kit from with more game logos, etc from:


System Requirements:


·         OS : Windows7, Vista, XP.

·         Processor: 2GHz or higher

·         Memory: 2GB

·         Graphics: DirectX 10 Support

·         Hard Drive: 150 MB

·         Sound: Windows compatible sound card


Game features:

A Sirius Games takes the player to a medieval world with a variety of fantasy based and exciting features like:

1)      Four vast zones to explore.

2)      An arsenal of 32 powerful cannons and ammos.

3)      Win 10 challenging trophies!

4)      Fight pirate ships of various sorts like Peacocks, sharks, whales, swordfish, eagle, swans, ghost ships, etc.

5)      Unlock engaging side quests as you unravel Sirius's story.

6)      Get numerous ship upgrades and trade items.



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