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Area: Global - Indie Game Press Release Distribution
It’s built for indie game developers by game developers. We cater to all small & mid-sized game studios, and also have tons of features for publishers, youtubers & bloggers. Indie Game Developers and Games Journalists, please subscribe to our beta mailing list so you can stay in the loop with updates.

Freedom for Indie Game Devs
Press relations is part of the Indie Game Developer’s job. We are here to make it easier for you. Indie games are mostly low budget projects and our products mean you don't have to pay for press release distribution anymore. 

Youtubers, Publishers, Game Journalists, Bloggers... 
And no mess either! Email alerts deliver daily reports based on your searches. Once the search is made, you can subscribe to receive daily reports for new press releases. Then you will be notified about new listings related to your customized searches.

Laziness is the key to success :)
Print out or get a copy of press release as pdf. Of course pdfs are include links and copy & paste friendly. Also you don’t have to worry about selecting and copying press release. Just hit "Copy&Paste" button. You got it :) 

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With your support and shares we can grow together.

Submitted by Selim AnaƧ on 22 February 2016 updated 4 year(s) ago
Mapping and Direction
Game Journalists, Youtubers, Publishers, Bloggers. Yummy profile page for Indie Devs. Laziness is the key to success :)
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