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Category: Games Publisher
Area: Groningen
Indietopia Games
Grote Markt 30/33 Groningen, 9712 HN The Netherlands
Indietopia Games is a independet game publisher based in Groningen, The Netherlands. We not only have strong connections with Steam, Nintendo, Xbox Live, PSN, etc., but you are also helped at fair rates. Our aim is not to make you feel like your arms have been ripped off by a wookie, but to make sure that you achieve your goals. 

If you wish to be truly independent, we can also teach you how to publish your own games.

We believe that independent game developers should have the chance to remain truly independent even though their games are published by a game publisher. We take care of the business aspects of developing and publishing a game to give you the freedom to be free and creative and do what you love most: Developing games!

Since we are still in the start-up phase, we haven't published a lot of games yet, but there are two on our list already:

Convoy Games
Submitted by Emily Ingham on 2 December 2014 updated 6 year(s) ago
Mapping and Direction
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