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We believe in a world where all gamers can be united under one flag where communication is open, fun is palpable and friendships are forged. We thrive in the understanding that the joy of gaming is universal and a sociable, culture blurring movement. We at the Canadian Online Gamers Network (COGN) proudly help build and guide that movement. Together we are positivity and responsibility.

We call this concept Game Canadian. Canadians take an immense sense of pride in being approachable, intelligent, friendly, hospitable and open-minded. We aim to project these qualities to the gaming public without being attached to brand specific gaming console hardware. Not only does COGN feature a full suite of editorial content including up-to-date gaming news and reviews, we marry content and community in exciting ways that allow members to get involved.

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Submitted by Devon Gagnon on 23 August 2012 updated 7 year(s) ago
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