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Addict of Fiction
37 Fernhurst, Addict of Fiction Halton Brook Runcorn, Cheshire WA7 2NJ England
01928 830567

 Lots of people do not actually like our style of writing, but contrasting to that is the fact that lots of people also do like it!

We use phrases like "Pedo-bait" to describe Ashley in Resident Evil 4, and "little green sperm aliens" to describe the aliens in Tiny Invaders.

We work with anyone and everyone to deliver news and reviews on games, any format and company are welcome.

Each member of staff has a style of writing unique to them and we encourage enthusiastic writers to join in by submitting articles.
Even if it's in contrast to our views, because nothing is more important to us than honesty. 

This listing is for our UK office.

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Submitted by Patrick Day-Childs on 13 October 2011 updated 8 year(s) ago
Mapping and Direction
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