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Area: Canada
Soupras Street 271 H9C 2X8 Montreal Canada
+1 (514) 448-1385

Ad4Game is the Internet's Game Ad Network.

We are partnered with the key players in the gaming industry. The company is focused on gamers ONLY. We want to make sure our advertisers can reach a highly targeted gaming audience. Ads we place on our publishers' websites are relevant and interesting to their visitors.

The company offers a high level of service, statistics, control and transparency to help our customers succeed. Ad4Game is a simple and effective performance based ad network suitable for advertisers and publishers of all sizes.

Ad4Game was founded by SET Canada Inc. It is headquartered in Montreal, QC.

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Submitted by Abla Frej on 17 December 2010 updated 9 year(s) ago
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17 December 2010
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