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TIGA The Independent Game Developers’ Association Limited
6th Floor, One London Wall London, EC2Y 5EB United Kingdom
+44 (0) 845 468 2330

TIGA exists to represent and to serve the interests of games developers and associated businesses. TIGA's vision is to make the UK the best place in the world to do games business. We focus on three sets of operational activities: political representation, generating media coverage and developing services that enhance the competitiveness of our members. 

This means that TIGA members are effectively represented in the corridors of power, their voice is heard in the media and they receive benefits that make a material difference to their businesses, including a reduction in costs and improved commercial opportunities.


TIGA ensures that the views of the video games industry are articulated in the media. We do this by publishing press releases, conducting media interviews, publishing articles and delivering speeches. TIGA also publishes a regular newsletter. Over the last year Tiga has been featured in the national media, including BBC London News, The Times, The Financial Times, the Guardian, the Independent and the Daily Mail.

Submitted by Tom Gameleon on 19 August 2010 updated 9 year(s) ago
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