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Mega64 is a low-budget series of comedy skits centered on video games. Co-creator Derrick Acosta describes it as "Jackass with video games which is true but true not true on the truth".

The series was originally produced to air on public-access television; however, the original five episodes did not get broadcast. Later, creator Rocco Botte pitched the show to G4 to no avail. Eventually, the show staff released all episodes produced so far on DVD, published through Awful Video, the publishing arm of Something Awful. The Mega64 official site provides links to order the DVD, as well as several free sample video clips.

The show's website includes several exclusive videos such as "Agent Smith Goes to Washington", which primarily spoofs The Matrix films and Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, with a subtle homage to the game Paperboy, and others.

The show has also been referenced in video gaming magazines Electronic Gaming Monthly and Nintendo Power. The Luigi's Mansion skit was also featured on a DVD included with issue 147 of Nintendo Official Magazine.

Mega64: Version 2, the show's second season, was released on DVD on July 20, 2006. Mega64 Time! was released on DVD on July 26, 2007. This is a two disc set of every video game commercial made by Mega64 and another disc of random skits.

Mega64: Version 3 is currently in production and was expected to be released in 2008, but at their PAX 2008 panel, Mega64 stated that version 3 would most likely not be finished until early 2009. Though more recently in a podcast after show when asked of the release date of Version 3, Rocco stated that he reallly had no idea when Version 3 will be released and said, " You know, it took us this long, we might as well spend as much time as we can on it." As of September 2, 2009, five episodes have been completed and publicly screened, with the sixth and final episode of Version 3 currently in production. The DVD is expected for summer 2010.

According to, British Sky Broadcasting would be airing the first season of Mega64 on one of their channels during their gaming programming blocks. However, in Mega64's Podcast: Episode 77, it was revealed that Sky would not be airing Mega64, due to a misunderstanding between the two companies.

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