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5 members, created by Regis Carlier - updated 14 year(s) ago
Gameco Studios is a french independant game developer and self-publisher based in Paris.
1 members, created by Jory Prum - updated 14 year(s) ago is a game audio recording facility in the San Francisco Bay Area with vast experience in video games, cinema, and music production, and an always growing list of clientele. The facility was built from the ground up and includes a custom acoustic environment consisting of a 17'...
8 members, created by Fredrik Sundt Breien - updated 14 year(s) ago
TTG is a Norwegian indie game developer currently working on their first RTS game: Naval War: Arctic Circle.
4 members, created by Natalia Korol - updated 14 year(s) ago
Independent game development company.
2 members, created by Lorenzo Pasini - updated 14 year(s) ago
Discussion group related to the Indie game "Naumachia: Space Warfare"
18 members, created by Andy Stark - updated 14 year(s) ago
The Unity3D game development system.
3 members, created by Jacob Williams - updated 14 year(s) ago
2Real Media is an iPhone/iPod Touch game development company based in the Southeast United States.
7 members, created by James Gallagher - updated 13 year(s) ago
Developer of Shattered Horizon, zero-gravity multiplayer FPS for PCs. Lots of good stuff coming in 2010. We're dedicated to supporting PC gaming. If your site cares about PC gamers get in touch via to be added to our press list.