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1 members, created by James Martin - updated 13 year(s) ago
Making gaming better every day right here- you really ought to join us and this group right away! Our website is currently in beta but our phpBB2 forums are final and are great- come and join us!
3 members, created by Stewart R - updated 13 year(s) ago
A group for the writing staff at PS3 Attitude, plus regular contributors and guest writers.
2 members, created by Snezana Nedeski - updated 13 year(s) ago
(un)covering games and the games industry with a critical look, passion and just a tad of sarcasm.
2 members, created by Keenan Weaver - updated 13 year(s) ago
Game Central is a PC gaming website by gamers, for gamers. It is a website for game reviews, editorials, podcasts, and video podcasts. Our strongest goal is to maintain a close-knit community of fellow PC gamers, providing a nice environment for others to discuss their hobby, in the form of messa...
3 members, created by Jon Lindemann - updated 13 year(s) ago
Nintendo World Report is one of the longest-running Nintendo-dedicated enthusiast sites on the web, founded in 1999. We provide news, reviews, and opinions on all things Nintendo, and boast a dedicated and well-established forum community.
5 members, created by Simon Weatherall - updated 13 year(s) ago
We are ‘This Is My Joystick!’ and our mission is to not only bring you news, reviews and the regular stuff that you expect from gaming websites, but to do it in a way that is completely our own. A large portion of our content will focus on original editorials relating to the latest talking p...
2 members, created by Xander Vantomme - updated 13 year(s) ago
More than a decade of videogame journalism.
3 members, created by Sylvano Witte - updated 13 year(s) ago
One of the Dutch gamingsites with unique articles and reviews.
2 members, created by Shaquil Hansford - updated 14 year(s) ago
Nexgen is a site that currently has only one contributor, myself, but I'm most definitely looking for fellow writers with the work ethic and interest in providing opinionated articles, and precise, detailed reviews. I'm also looking for those up on the latest gaming news searching for a...
8 members, created by Lewis Denby - updated 14 year(s) ago
Resolution is the hub of a collective of games journalists, a place for us to pen our thoughts on videogames and the big issues surrounding them. We have a habit of slipping into incoherence, and changing our image too frequently. We often violently disagree with each other on a variety of topi...
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