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Joysticks breaks the 1 million barrier!
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UK Developer Of The Year Golden Joystick highlights industry excellence
Current holder Jagex facing strong opposition from Codemasters, Lionhead, Rockstar North and others6th October 2010: The UK Developer Of The Year Award at this year’s Golden Joystick Awards recognises the world leading games development taking place at home, shining a light on the creative...
Golden Joystick Awards faces musical differences
Seven titles neck-and-neck in race for the gaming Soundtrack of the Year4th September 2010 The title race is wide open in the Golden Joystick Awards Soundtrack Of The Year category as very few votes split the contenders vying for video gaming’s top music accolade.The attention to detail...
Battle lines drawn in the fight for Strategy Game Of The Year
From Waterloo to Tiberium to the front lawn, strategy games close in on Golden Joysticks Award24 September 2010 A wide range of best selling games feature in the nominations list for the Strategy Game of the Year, in the world’s biggest video games awards event, the Golden Joystick Awards.A...
Rich Hall to host Golden Joysticks 2010
 Leading US comedian to host world’s most popular video games awards 22 September 2010 The Golden Joystick Awards is thrilled to announce leading US Comedian Rich Hall will host the 28th annual awards ceremony, held in London on 29th October. One of the most popular live and...
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