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i-Jet Media publishes most expensive Russian social game on Odnoklassniki, Europe to follow

i-Jet Media launches the most expensive social game ever produced in Russia, Pet a Pet, which has been published in social network Odnoklassniki. It is known as "Zveriki" in Russian. The game was developed by the heavyweight Russian gaming company, Akella. Pet A Pet's first active day brought 45 thousand installations which made it one of the more quick-growing games in the profolio of i-Jet Media. The game gets over 200 new users every minute. The publisher is confident that Pet a Pet is to become one of Odnoklassniki Top 5 games.

The game includes highly realistic 3D graphics and almost tactile sensations, and provide players with high-level emotional involvement. All these features were developed specially for children who are ready to look after their own pets. Players almost live with their virtual pets, walk and feed them, even stroke them clicking and moving a computer mouse, and take an active and essential part in their pets' processes of growing and maturing. Neither Russian market nor European one have a game like Pet a Pet to date. After giving the game trial runs in Russia, i-Jet Media is going to export it to Europe.

The game monetization model is absolutely new for the Russian market - it is subscription. General Producer of i-Jet Media Alexey Kostarev is convinced that the subscription model will be more successful that other existing ones because it covers both adults and children.

Pet a Pet was first present on the Russian Game Developers Conference (KRI 2010 which is the largest Russian event for game developers) and was nominated the best online project. Akella is prominent not only for its gaming hits, but also educational games. Pet a Pet integrates both kinds of products. That is why the game is also of interest for parents willing to increase their children's sense of responsibility, care, and improve their skills to allocate their own time and set a priority.

"Our agreement with Playdom, work with such gurus as Akella and Alawar, and combatting pirated products show that i-Jet Media is advancing to a qualitatively new and higher level of games we publish. We intend to open really new and high-quality games with excellent tools and services to Russian users. Consumers are becoming more and more selective, and they will not devour everything that gaming companies give him anymore. There is nothing else left for developers to do but deliver the high quality. i-Jet Media is to help them do it," said Alexey Kostarev, General Producer, i-Jet Media.

Although the exact cost of the game development is undisclosed, Pet a Pet is known to be the most expensive one ever produced in Russia.

Odnoklassniki ("classmates" in Russian; is a social network service for classmates and old friends reunion popular in Russia and other former Soviet Republics. The website claims to have more than 45 million registered users and 10 million daily unique visitors.

Akella was established in 1993, and has developed over 600 games and educational programmes in the CIS and Baltic states for 17 years. Three Akella internal studios has launched a number of extremely popular products on such platforms as PC, PS2 and Xbox. Nowadays, Akella creates new games for PC and the new generation console, Xbox 360. Pet a Pet is the first social online game developed by this company.

i-Jet Media is an international social games publisher and distributor. The company became the parent of the Russian market, and entered the international market in a year. Nowadays, 65 million users of 30 social networks all over the world play 70 applications published by i-Jet Media. The most successful game in 2009, Happy Farm, succeeded to earn $20 million for i-Jet Media.

For more information:
Website of Pet A Pet:
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