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This weekend we're offering free temporary copies of The Cold War Era, a P2P RTS, to journalists, bloggers, developers and members of the media so they can try out the final version of our game. 


To get a copy of the game send me a message at, and I'll give you your personal serial key. Then you can download it at this link:


Each person needs their own serial key to play, but I'd be happy to send you as many keys as you like. 


TCWE is based on the epic conflict between the Americans and the Soviets spanning 1950 to 2000. Within one hour players can defeat their opponent with military might, stealthy spies and advances in Space Race technology. 


We're gearing up for The Cold War Era's release in May and would appreciate your feedback (and posts!) about the game. 


The game key is playable between Friday morning and Sunday evening


If you share The Cold War Era with your followers, on your website, or on your blog I'll then send you the serial key and download link for a permanent version of the game for you to keep. It's our way to thank you for your feedback, and for sharing our game with your followers. 


Also if you have any questions or concerns about our game or Alina Digital, please don't hesitate to send me a message. 


I hope you get to play TCWE and I really look forward to getting your feedback about our game! 


Thanks and Happy Gaming,

Madeline Masters

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