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Posted: 10 April 2013 - 4 comment(s) [ Comment ] - 0 trackback(s) [ Trackback ]
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When you're developing a game, releasing your first gameplay video is a pretty exciting event. It's the first time others can see inside your game and it's accessible at any time, unlike betas that may only be available intermittently. 

So when my boss Max and I decided to make The Cold War Era's first gameplay video this week we were both pretty darn excited. I agreed to help in any way I could, which ended up with me being the face and voice of the video. 

The Cold War Era In-Game Video on YouTube

Like I said, I'm happy to do whatever is needed to help share TCWE. But being on camera? Yikes! Normally I can barely handle having a quick photo taken of me. Years of embarrassingly awkward driver's license and passport photos prove this.

Even working completely by myself in an empty apartment to shoot, I did about 10 takes just to get the few minutes of video we needed... probably 12 if you count the aborted shots when the cat jumped onto my lap and into the frame. 

Luckily, having played the game and having thought about it nearly constantly for the past several weeks made it easy to talk about onscreen. Once Max put the video all together and it was truly complete, it was time to share it around. 

I'm always happy to share TCWE's latest updates and proud to show our accomplishments. But sharing myself on video all over the Internet... that's a little weird. alt

Still, there it is, and it's a good video -- I think it does a great job of showing everyone just what it's like to play TCWE. If you watch our gameplay video I hope it gets you jazzed to play TCWE during our second open beta weekend, Friday, April 12th until Sunday, April 14th!

If you give it a view, let me know what you think, and send me a message if you're interested in playing our beta -- I'm more than happy to share that with you. alt 

-Madeline M

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