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RSS reader
Spill the beans! Don't keep it a secret but express your love for your favorite RSS reader.  

I'm thinking about marrying Google Reader, but as any soon-to-be-husband, I have my doubts. Perhaps there is a better one. One that feeds my news-hungry eyes AND cleans my registry for example

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Eek! Don't touch the registry...yikes! [-_-...actually, as a Windows 98 geek, I like how simple maintaining your system was back then].

I know very little about RSS Readers, which is partially why I clicked through to the thread - to read a little more on the subject - so I'm probably not gonna be the one to spill the pride and joy of your recent supermarket spree (Beans, yes?)...but rather bizarrely, I did once manage to get's RSS feed into my Firefox Browser's Favourites bar, in place of where it says "Latest Headlines". It's the only time I've managed to do anything much with an RSS. A rare, but proud moment, the results of which keeps me abreast of videogame news, and their site's headlines in general. =)

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Currently I'm on the lookout for a good web-based RSS reader as well. I've heard good things about FeedDemon but unfortunatly that's a desktop application that I can not take with my on every computer I browse the web on.

I've started exploring Google Reader and must say I'm impressed  but an integrated online bookmarking feature would be welcome. I'm open to suggestions for any other good online RSS reader.

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Google Reader is awesome, I've always used that alongside my Firefox "bookmarks".

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Which game-related websites do you guys have in your RSS Feeds? I've dumped like 90% yesterday, since all the websites are reporting the same news anyway. Today I have Bitmob, Kotaku, Edge-Online and Gametrailers. With those, I have about everything covered I think.

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