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Discuss and share thoughts and interests for iPhone, Android, Palm Pre and WebOS
The  mobile website is optimized for webkit based mobile devices like the iPhone/iPod Touch, Android and Palm Pre/Pixi. To view this site, simply navigate to on your phone.
Allowing for a fast, productive browsing experience, it focuses on the most popular areas of the main site including Job Listings for Journalists, PR & Marketing people, Press Releases, the Games Publications & Business Directory and an overview of the upcoming Games Industry Events.
Rather than develop a specific app for one mobile device, we set out to develop a mobile Web site that would try and retain the unique iPhone look and feel and deliver that to as many of the newer mobile devices as possible. iPhone users can bookmark and place an icon on the Home Screen by clicking the '+' to add the bookmark and select 'Add to Home Screen'.
Important notice for users who signed up using Facebook Connect: At this stage, there is no support for logging in on the mobile site with Facebook Connect. You can request your mobile password here.

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Spread the word! Invite your fellow game journalists to join.

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So far I'm quite satisfied. I'll be honest when I first heard that it was web-based I was somewhat concerned about the performance and usability it would offer. Minutes after my first browse to the page I was pleasantly surprised. The page actually works quite well on my iPhone.

The only thing I've had trouble with is getting it to remember my login each time I launch it. But that might be my phone.

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