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What is the best thing about being in the games industry?
Will be a different answer for everyone...

But I would have to say I enjoy trying to give our site members all we can and always striving to exceed ourselves.

The gamers make it worth it :)


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When I first started writing about games, I did feel a real duty towards the consumer. Games still cost circa £50 back then, so I felt I had to warn gamers of dodgy games, and enjoyed cutting through over-hyped games to say what the real deal was.

But as an industry, what I've really enjoyed, is how nice everyone is. I reckon it's 'cos games are ultimately about having fun, that it attracts people who are quite fun themselves, ^_^ a geeky way of course, ;-). But yes - definitely the friends I've made.

^_^ Even if I still stay indoors too much, :).

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