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Start up Chicago area developers could use a graphic artist for their first project.

Graphic Artist needed for help in creating a indie video game with Dark Lore Studio. The artist would be working with a small team on a game that is far down the development path.

 The artist must be able to work with pixel/sprite art. No preference for software; work with whatever works best for you. We will also accept someone that knows the concepts of pixel art and is willing and able to quickly learn. The style of the art would be medieval dark fantasy. The artist will need to be able to work with specific dimensions for each assignment. Since the game is being developed at a steady pace, the artist must be prompt with their work and with their communication.

 Preferred if the artist is in the Chicagoland area. Those outside of Chicagoland must have a reliable means of vocal communication (phone, skype, etc).

 All work will be credited, with the artist being noted in the game credits. This project can be used on resumes to show both artistic skill and teamwork abilities. This is a low-budget game and while this may not pay (or at least won't pay much), this can lead to paying work with us further down the line (most likely with the company's next game).

 If you are interested or have more questions, contact Sean Katamay at:

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