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Discuss and share thoughts and interests
Which magazines do you subscribe to? (or buy)
Share your subscriptions/regular purchases, and reasons too if you like.

Although typically someone who comsumes online content, it's nice to take a break and read something print.

I'm from the UK and subscribe to Edge. It's a good all-round take on the industry, reviews, previews, articles and it's well-designed and edited. I really like grown-up take on games, and they don't feel over-enthusiastic like some publications I remember reading years back.

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Interesting thread.

Because I'm interested in launching a new magazine, I've followed the launch of PlayGamer, Megaton, and Kill Screen, by buying the first few issues, and I've subscribed to Electronic Gaming Monthly, as it was the only way to get it here in the UK. If it wasn't for my interest in new magazine launches, I probably wouldn't have bought any of them, to be frank.

I've also recently bought a couple of issues of the new look GamesMaster. Firstly to see what the new look was like, and then to check out their 3D gimmick in the last issue [which hurt my eyes within 10 seconds, =/].

Am a happy recipient of weekly trade title MCV, =).
And as a TF fan, I regularly buy Titan's Transformers comic.

I'm not sure if I'll keep it up long term, but I've recently been buying kids games mag Megaton, and teenage lifestyle mag SuperSuper.

Megaton I like because it's so graphic, you can flick through the whole thing, and get a good overview of current games, without having to find the time to seriously sit down and read, =P.
It is super enthusiastic though, ^_^.

SuperSuper I first got into a year ago, after they did a head2head interview with Wiley and Skepta, as to who was the king of grime. Then when they had a documentary on Channel 4, I posted it to Youtube, and got around 4,000 views for each episode. It might not sound much, but it was the highest number of views I've ever had on my personal Youtube account, so I've been buying issues of the mag with a view of maybe doing a Youtube review of the mag, for the people that subscribed after I posted the docu videos. The C4 documentary didn't take itself too seriously, and had a bit of fun, so loads of people don't believe the mag exists and think it's all one big Nathan-Barley-inspired pisstake, =P.

I feel like a casual or retro gamer atm. That is to say, none of the magazines out there appeal to me at all, but I don't want to sound too arrogant or critical of them, when it may just be that I'd be into them more if I had a modern games console and were buying games regularly.

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EGM and Gamefan. Gamefan because the layouts are beautiful (the writing is terrible) and EGM because of editorials (Heather Campbell recently wrote an article about Street Fighter in the July Issue, check it out!). Also recently bought the two issues of exp., which are pretty great. Definitely a different flavor of magazine from the others, but not in a bad way. I would like to see more stuff like exp. to be honest.


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Ahhh. exp. was recommended to me by someone [was it you?], and I still haven't got a copy yet. =P.
I'll look for that editorial in EGM though, =).
Am intrigued by your comment about Gamefan's layout. ^_^. I love layout design. [Goes to google for it, and learns about the relaunch...]

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Only magazine which I actually subscribe to is Develop Magazine. Mainly because the writing is very good indeed and it gives me some background reading into the technical and dev-based side of the games industry, which I reckon always has a positive effect when writing on games. Also, their Alpha columns section is constantly brilliant, and features some really good writing from members of the development community (including some big names).

Other than that I used to buy GamesMaster quite often, though don't any more, and had a phase of buying Official PlayStation Magazine which died out when I realised my wallet was constantly empty.


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Edge, Games TM, Kill Screen and Retro Gamer.

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