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Hello world!

If you're interested in games, love playing, reading, writing and talking about them then why not get involved with the team over at ?

We currently have our own website and have been running for over a year. While being based in the UK we are open to applications from anyone, anywhere in the world and feel that this could only make us better! Our work is generally light hearted comedy and through this have built up a great fan base and have many friends from the gaming industry and social audience alike.

Team BN currently provide the following:

Written- News, Reviews, Articles, Comic Strips and much more via Twitter/Facebook.

Video- Reviews, Just plays and anything we can conjure up!

We are also in the process of putting regular podcasts together for game lovers on the move so you could find yourself being involved in this if you wish to!

SO- If you like what you hear and want to get involved please ping us a quick email at with a short bit of information about yourself, what you would like to get stuck into and how much time you would like to contribute....

Or you can find us at @BeardedNinjaUK (Twitter) - (Facebook)

Many thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing from you!


Team Bearded Ninja!

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