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KrabbitWorld Origins released September 9th 2009


KrabbitSoft announces the release of KrabbitWorld Origins with Kid Kria, last known Guardian, training to lead heroic battle against Necrotechs

September 9th, 2009

KrabbitSoft returned to it’s origins with the release of this Gothic Fantasy 3D Action RPG.

Defined by it’s players as having the charm of a wonderland and the bizarre quality of a nightmare this great
psychedelic gothic romp will pique your curiosity then capture your heart.

You are a powerful Krabbit, one of a giant humanoid species with a lovable bandity, ferret inspired face and form.
You have the huge ears, feet and tremendous speed and jumping ability of a rabbit. You are so agile that gravity,
itself, cannot contain you.

KWO offers 6 playable customizable characters:
Featuring a dynamite colour engine, all 11 character surfaces can be changed at any time at the local Dye Vendor.
Be as creative and unique as you can dream.

Each character commands unique ultimate powers:
As Kria - your Heavenly strike soars on golden wings to pounce and annihilate the enemy.
As Krei - your Sonic Boom obliterates every opponent within a 360 degree range.
As Cleria - your Wrath of the Valkyrie descends to hold and destroy.
As Teella Live - your Rain of Fire pounds multiple foes and expels them in all directions.
As Teella, the fallen - your Wall of Fire incinerates all adversaries crossing it’s path.
As Ogre - your Yorg dispatches a cyclonic whirlwind of your bugbear self spinning and slaying many hostiles
one after the other.

About the story:
KrabbitWorld, lush and fertile, is home to Krabbits from eight different Realms. Following the Great
Guardian War, your adversaries, the Necrotechs, who resulted from a vindictively motivated combining
of technology and magic with Krabbits must be stopped from endangering the Celestial Shard and returning
Chaos to the land.

Key features:
* Engaging Hack n' Slash Combat:
The combo hud allows players to increase damage with every strike based on timing and accuracy.

* Choose from 4 Henchmen:
Utilize RTS style Henchman hud to command your assistant.

* Character Building:
Build your character to level 99 while continuing to build your unique ultimate powers to 999.

* 3D Inventory and Paper Doll System:
Drag n’ drop from 3D inventory to 3D paper doll window to equip items.

* Linear & Sandbox Gameplay:
The linear gameplay reveals the lore through quests but you can continue to play sandbox style by exploring forests,
caverns and beaches. The Land of the Dead, coinciding with The Land of The Living, mirrors it’s maps.

* 6DOF Camera:
Camera and character controls allow the player 6 degrees of freedom and movement abilities akin to superheroes.

About KrabbitSoft Studios:
KrabbitSoft is an independent game developer located in Surrey, BC, Canada. The company is committed to creating
this unique, growing, Action RPG, featuring their own IP, the Krabbits, while expanding into other platforms
and projects. KrabbitSoft prides itself on it’s character and camera controls designed especially for the seasoned
gamer. As a team of two, the studio is pleased to have arrived at this juncture.

An informative and fun interactive game features page can be played with at the link below:
Interactive Features Page (requires unity web player plugin, a one-click easy install)

A free demo is available in Mac OSX and Windows for download at the link below:
Try Before You Buy

Full version available via digital download at $14.95

Company Web Site:

KrabbitWorld Origins has been rated by it’s viewers as suitable for ‘E’veryone.
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